Services From Experienced Development Partners in East Sussex, West Sussex and All Surrounds

If you are looking for experienced development partners in Surrey, Kent or Sussex, look no further than the specialists at Penenden Heath Developments Limited

You can contact us to discuss your unique requirements and how we can help you. Our team provides a comprehensive service covering:

  • Land Acquisition and Planning

  • Private and Affordable New Home Delivery 

  • Land-Led Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Tendered Opportunities Undertaken

Please view our gallery to see examples of our previous services and learn more about them on this page.

Land Acquisition and Planning

Land promotion/Planning Permission

Planning permission increases the value of land and ensures buyers can develop it in line with their planned scheme. Consequently, both parties benefit from professional land promotion services. Land promotion is an important part of land acquisition and involves our company taking responsibility for promoting land through the planning system to secure planning permission before sale.

Negotiations, Consultancy and Management

Land acquisition is often complex, with factors such as regulations, access rights, council policy, construction potential and tenancy agreements to consider. At Penenden Heath Developments, we help negotiate land for the best price while ensuring the agreement meets all buyer requirements.

Sites Across the South East

Over the years, the land buyers at Penenden Heath Developments have acquired land for social housing and private developments across Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and the rest of the South East. This includes sites located in sensitive areas as well as strategic land.

Private and Affordable New Home Delivery

Our company works in partnership with housing associations to deliver beautiful homes designed to be affordable and environmentally friendly. We also have experience completing private schemes, commercial projects and providing services alongside other development partners, builders and main contractors.

Our team can provide affordable housing consultancy and end-to-end development services, including viability studies, site analysis and architectural surveys, planning, design, construction and management services. 

We offer a 12-year affordable housing structural warranty alongside manufacturer and product warranties.

Sustainable Homes

At Penenden Heath Developments, we never forget or underestimate the importance of sustainability in modern construction.

There are many ways we achieve this, such as:

  • Sourcing materials locally wherever possible

  • Using responsibly sourced timber and eco-friendly materials such as wool insulation

  • Using recycled materials such as reclaimed bricks and recycled aggregates

  • Incorporating high levels of insulation and energy-efficient products, such as A+ rated glazing

  • Planning roofing, flooring and other building elements to have minimal U-values

  • Building homes which utilise renewable energy/systems and green technology, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems

  • Incorporating water-saving measures like low-flush plumbing and water recycling systems

  • As earth-conscious new home builders, we have plans in place to minimise waste materials and recycle as much waste as possible

Commercial Builds

Our commercial projects are equally geared towards sustainability whilst catering to client’s larger-scale requirements. We work closely with commercial clients to establish their requirements and provide bespoke solutions.

Land-Led Joint Venture Partnerships

Our comprehensive services maximise value from all aspects of the development process, benefiting all parties.

Complete Development Solutions

Penenden Heath Developments Limited can take control of your development scheme, providing complete solutions from any stage of the process.

Crucial services our development partners undertake include, but are not limited to:

  • Land acquisition

  • Site analysis and research services

  • Design proposals and layouts

  • Feasibility studies

  • Architectural surveys

  • Cost calculation

  • Specialist advice on social housing

  • Risk assessments and method statements

  • Planning consultancy, applications and appeals

  • Planning for properties in sensitive locations (such as conservation and green belt areas)

Tendered Opportunities Undertaken

Our land buyers are focused on maximising the value of your land while ensuring its sale to a reputable buyer with a suitable development scheme for the site and wider area. So, if you have thought to yourself, ‘what is the best way to sell my land easily and for maximum profit,’ you are in the right place.

Superior Service

We work hard to understand the needs of land buyers and sellers, enabling us to plan effective acquisition solutions which prove highly advantageous for all involved. Our team has the experience and determination to see all sales through to completion.

Ready to Sell?

We consider all types of land, including brownfield and greenfield sites, green belt land, strategic land and sites in rural and urban settings.

Penenden Heath Developments also provides a complete service package to ensure buyers have all the information they need to estimate development costs. This helps secure a premium price.

Call our development partners on 01622 829891 for services in Kent, Surrey and the South East.